Bonus Episode: Indiana True Crime

Join us and our three favorite Indiana true crime podcasts as we discuss the nature of our shows, and what covering true crime in Indiana means to us and should look like going forward.

Cold Case Chronicles – BONUS Episode: True Crime Podcasting

Ever wonder why Podcasters do what they do?  Story telling?  Passion?  Fun?  Today we are with four Indiana based true crime podcasts: Infamous Indy, Hoosier Homicide, 3CPodcast, and of course the Cold Case Chronicles.  Hear their history, passions, stories and what drives them going forward.  Get an inside listen from the Podcasters themselves.

Also, check out our favorite Hoosier Podcasters

Cold Case Chronicles:

Infamous Indy:

Hoosier Homicide:

1:20 The Truth About Stan

This week we reveal the known extent of previous investigations into Stan by investigators on the Burger Chef Murders and set the stage for why we think they may have stalled.

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1:19 40 Years of Silence

One of the biggest questions we get about this case is how could the people who did this keep it a secret for so long? Maybe they died, maybe they moved away, or maybe they didn’t really try to keep it a secret at all.

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1:18 Darrell Crabtree| A History of Violence

We wrap up with a discussion on Darrell Crabtree, including some new information we’ve learned since our last episode and some ideas on where we’re taking the investigation next.
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Indy Star 12/15/1982

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