Pardon our Mess – Circle City Crime Undergoing Renovations

First of all, thank you to everyone who has shared and listened to our posts and podcast episodes since day one of Circle City Crime.

While that podcasts mission is not going away, you will see some changes in the coming days, weeks, and months.

I am just as committed as ever to getting answers for the victims of the Burger Chef Murders, the Westside Park Murders victims, and Tristan Twilley. When I started this mission, I believed I could be sort of just a disembodied voice hopefully saying all the right things from behind a microphone.

However, I have discovered in recent months that the more I put myself out there personally, the more people are willing to listen to my voice and the stories I want to tell about these and other victims in Indiana that need justice.

So with that in mind, our Facebook page will undergo the same transformation that my other social media platforms and this blog have and be rebranded as Words with Chris, an umbrella that will include my true crime podcast (which will be undergoing an additional rebranding later in the year, more on that in a second), as well as my new book review and author interview podcast, bookCASE, and finally my own fiction writing.

I understand this isn’t what some of you signed on for, and that I will probably lose some followers during this transition. If that’s the case, I appreciate the time you have spent with me so far and will be forever grateful. That said, this is a transition made in hopes of expanding my voice so I can tell the same stories you have all thought were so important to a larger audience in hopes of someday seeing justice, so I do hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

Now, about the additional transition away from the Circle City Crime brand for the podcast…while I will continue to chip away at the cases we’ve already covered like Andy DuFresne going at his cell wall in Shawshank with a rock hammer, it has become very apparent that Indiana law enforcement agencies aren’t committed to truth and justice in the way that I am and that listeners like you are. I created Circle City Crime because I thought our Hoosier community was being underserved by the media and podcasters, but the truth is there is a wall around our criminal justice system that prevents the media doing more to help.

I will do everything I can to focus on Indiana issues and cases, but I believe there are people out there I can help with my platform if we are able to obtain the right partnerships with local law enforcement.

You won’t need to do anything if you want to continue to follow that podcast, we just plan to rename and rebrand Circle City Crime right in our podcast host so you will simply see a new name, logo, and episode list come up in your player someday. I will update you right here and on the Facebook page once we are ready to unveil a new name and logo.

As far as the episodes, I plan to move all previous episodes to this blog so all of the detailed research we did on our season 1, 2, and 3 cases can be found free of charge. However, because one of our biggest issues during those seasons was sound quality, I am excited to make my final announcement that I will be rerecording condensed episodes on those with new equipment so that hopefully a better listening experience will entice folks to really dive into the story and continue to get the word out and not let the memories of Ruth, Mark, Jayne, Daniel, Kimberly, Ethan, and Tristan be forgotten before justice is served.

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