The “WHY” Behind bookCASE

April 29, 2019 — that’s the day the first episode of my first podcast, Circle City Crime, was released. The goal, if I’ve not articulated it well enough publicly, was to shine light on unsolved Indiana cases with years of public misinformation. The goal was never to compete with major podcasting conglomerates, come to the precipice of legal battles with the Indiana State Police, or get less sleep and physical activity than I had at any point in my life. However, all of those things happened.

My hair is a little grayer, my impression of Indiana law enforcement is a lot bleaker, and in case any of you have any misconceptions, my bank account looks pretty much exactly the way it did on April 28th.

“So, Chris, if all you’re going to do is complain, why start another podcast?”

I’ve also made some great memories, gained incredible knowledge, worked publicly and privately with some very bright people, and made some relationships that I expect will last a lifetime. Some of these people will likely be integral in the future of Circle City Crime when circumstances allow us to continue.

Another thing I discovered, or really rediscovered, was my love for telling stories. It feels really good that nearly 200,000 times people have turned on my podcast to hear the stories that need to remain top of mind about Indiana victims being underserved by Indiana law enforcement and the judicial system, but until one of the cases we’ve been focusing on is solved, there’s nothing to be proud of.

And at the end of the day, I’m as human as any of the rest of you, and I needed to do something for me. Like many others, my life’s trajectory was changed with the arrival of COVID-19 in America. I found myself with time on my hands and a podcast strategy that wasn’t sustainable because getting access to people and government buildings was now as tough as it had ever been. I couldn’t operate on a predictable enough timeline to continue producing episodes.

So I wrote a book.

I’m proud of Beneath the Fallen Leaves, but maybe the best part of writing the book was again some of those personal connections I made along the way. I discovered that there were stories, both fictional and real, that I really wanted to know more about and that I wanted to share with a like-minded, passionate audience.

bookCASE the podcast was born. bookCASE will be a bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews with authors, readers, and performers focusing on crime, mystery, and horror fiction, as well as true crime non-fiction. The main focus will be books, but some exciting things are happening in the area of podcast audio dramas, as well, so I’m hoping to have some writers and performers from that sphere join me. I’ve even got a few notable actors on my wishlist so fingers crossed.

I’m going to get authors to tell their own stories about the highs and the lows of their craft, the how’s and the why’s that get covered up at times by their incredible finished products. I’m going to have passionate readers review their favorite books and some of the hottest new releases so you don’t miss out on the perfect story for you.

As a small part of the show, you’re also going to witness my growth as a fiction writer as I share live reads of original fiction by myself and other great writers.

I hope to build a community around the love for these stories, and I hope you join me. We’ll laugh, I don’t think we’ll cry, but I won’t take it off the table, and much like just making the show will be an escape for me from the very real and dark world of true crime, I’ll strive to offer you an hour or so to escape from whatever it is you need respite from every other week.

Trailer episode available now on iTunes, Spotify, Spreaker, and Stitcher.

First full episode coming Monday, August 31st!

Until then, if you’re a passionate reader or a crime, mystery, or horror fiction author feel free to reach out with ideas to

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